Working on working

It might, of course, be just me, but it seems that the job market has, in the last couple of weeks, picked up.

The quality of vacancies (and the depth to the vacancy market) have both improved.

I am ‘in the running’ for a number of jobs (Cardiff, Norfolk, Nottingham, Northampton, and Abu Dhabi).

In addition to these five ‘running’ hares, I have an uncountable number of ‘live’ applications still sitting in dozens of pending trays.

Earlier on today, the thought occurred that maybe I should look at this as an opportunity to switch tracks.

Take up a new job.

Teacher, maybe?


I’d be good at that.

I’d enjoy that role.

Except for the fact that I can only handle children two at a time.

So maybe teaching isn’t a good idea.


*strokes imaginary beard*

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2 Responses to Working on working

  1. Bx. says:

    Sadly teaching isn’t what it was either, Gove and his masters are in the midst of chopping it into bits then setting them head to head in a battle to the death.

    Crossed fingers, toes and eyes for the right door to open for you though.

  2. Author says:

    Thank you for your good thoughts, Bx. I’m still very positive. Still applying. Still carrying on. Getting the occasional shard of hope. But I’m not feeling down, or depressed, or despondent. xx

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