Keeping busy

Obviously, keeping busy is very important. It is far too easy for we members of the unemployed to waste our time on frivolous pursuits.

And besides, it’s good to maintain a routine.

I’ve spent the last week building a MySQL database, and creating user and admin functionality in to it.

This isn’t what I do for a living, but it’s a set of skills that I have.

The database will drive what will become a commercial website.

I haven’t begun work on the front-end yet, the website owner (not me, obv) and I haven’t had the in-depth design discussions that need to occur.

The next stage is to migrate the prototype database from a test domain over to the production domain.

Then I’ll copy over all the files that make the front-end.

Then I’ll do the last series of very fiddly, technical, database updates.

And then we’ll move on to the front-end.

In addition to these tasks I’ve been continuing my job-search.  I’m still hitting an average of 50-60 contract applications a day, but there’s not much coming back.

Still, I’ll keep the routine going, eh?

Keep hitting the 50-60 applications a day.

And keep myself busy in other ways as well.

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