Feeding the inner geek

I’ve spent about 15 hours building a database to drive a public-facing website (as opposed to an intranet or restricted access website).

It is, potentially, a multi-user/multi-contributor website.

Anyone should be able to submit content (and supporting photographs) to the site. Some users who submit content may want to register (create a profile). Some users who submit content may not want to register/create a profile.

This either/or/both user-type presents a number of issues, chiefly in the areas of protecting the security of the system, ensuring the robustness of data, and protecting the correct categorisation of information.

I’ve created two methods, through which the users could upload content to the website: either straightforward file/attachment upload (which would then need to be manipulated by the site admins), or text entry through a form.

I’m building a content management system (CMS) in to the database, to help with the correct identification/categorisation of the user-submitted content (text and photographs), but the difficulty is making sure that the user-submitted content is correctly categorised/labelled.

This – the correct categorisation of user-submitted data – is just one aspect of database design that I’m having great fun with.



Because I’m ever so slightly geeky.

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