Relocation, relocation, relocation

The glass is definitely half full and, as a result, I am spending a lot of time thinking about the town in which I live.

The town sits in a fairly central location in the southern half of England. It’s a quiet town in a rural county; there’s one city, half a dozen miles to the east.

I moved here from Worcestershire and thought that would be my final move.

Well, things change and stuff happens, and as a result of things and stuff, my world is not as determined as it previously seemed.

This place is expensive. My bills for this two-bedroom house add up to a hefty £950/month.

Obviously, some things won’t decrease if I move (electricity, water, phone, broadband, etc), but the rent and council tax could be cheaper elsewhere.

And, as much as I have loved living here, one of the constant niggles I’ve had about this particular town is the lack of viable public transport.

So, my circumstances:

  • I’m unattached
  • I’m looking for a new contract
  • My next contract could be anywhere in the country
  • Each contract is, usually, for an initial three months (but usually rolled over, every three months, until the project is finally delivered)

My last five contracts have put me, for a year each time, in:

  • Bedfordshire
  • Salisbury
  • London
  • Swindon, and
  • Manchester

This morning I’ve applied for jobs (this is just a few of those that I am trying for, just to give you the general flavour) in:

  • London (7 – various points of the compass)
  • Birmingham (2)
  • West Sussex (2)
  • Home Counties (with travel)
  • Nottingham
  • Essex
  • Stevenage
  • Reading
  • Redhill
  • Oxford
  • Edinburgh (don’t ask)
  • Manchester
  • Cardiff

That’s a big spread of locations, but the list does underline, to me at least, that maybe I should be considering a smart move of house – to a place with a more viable transport infrastructure?

You’ll remember that this (lovely) town has no rail service and is far from a motorway?

Well, Swindon sits on the M4, and has an excellent train service.

Gloucester and Cheltenham are also well-served by both road and rail, though they may be too far on the western half of the country to be practical.

Closer to the centre of the south of England, both Reading and Didcot have very strong road and rail transport links. So does Basingstoke.



It may seem odd, at first, to consider this location, but there is also Milton Keynes. It has excellent train connections to most places, and sits squarely on the M1.

And Northampton, which also has very strong road and rail links.

I shall sit and think on this some more.

And I shall continue applying for contracts all over the country.

My lease on this house is up for renewal later this year.

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