I feel a little ashamed, in a way, that it’s been so long since I updated this journal.

Two weeks at work has turned in to four weeks.

My workload has increased exponentially; I am carrying 11 projects of my own, and ‘babysitting’ two projects for a colleague who is on annual leave.

One of the ‘babysitting’ projects is causing so many problems that, for the last two weeks, I have all but stopped work on any of mine.

But keeping busy at work is not a complaint.

I love it.

I get home in the evenings wiped out, and have a tendency to sit on the settee in a semi-coma, and generally feel too exhausted to cook a proper meal.

But I love it.

The really big big big big big bit of news is that, and exclusively due to the kindness and generosity of a very special person, I am mobile once more.

Generously, this friend offered to ‘sub’ me a bonkers amount of money to enable me to buy a bike sooner than I had planned.

I declined this too-generous offer.

I’m sticking to my plan.

Have I mentioned my four-stage plan?

Stage 1: buy a cheap motorbike as an everyday commuter
Stage 2: move house
Stage 3: buy a more expensive motorbike (for touring/long-distance, non-commuter duties)
Stage 4: buy a car

Anyway, that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it – despite the far-too-generous offer that was made to me.

I did, however, accept the offer of much less money, and went out and bought a motorbike, a few weeks earlier than stage one of my plan had estimated.

The main benefit of this friend’s generosity is that I am able to lay the foundations for stage two sooner than I had hoped.

I am getting out and about, looking at areas, checking out potential new places to live.

Looking at houses.

I’ve seen the areas on my shortlist.

I’ve had a good look around the area that was my wildcard choice.

And I’m going for my wildcard.

Last weekend I motorbiked up there and looked at one house. It was supposed to be four houses, but due to estate agent incompetence, only one viewing materialised.

This weekend I am going back to look at four houses.

And I’m almost in a position to pay my friend back – on time/on target – in full.

So yes, it’s brilliant to be back in work.

And it’s fantastic to have lovely friends.

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