A job update – updated

I am still waiting to hear something – anything – back from the European consultancy, on when I might be meeting the head of the project that I am/was being lined up to deliver.

Yesterday (Monday) morning I had an interview with another employer – but also, coincidentally, in Oxford.

I thought that interview went very well (but I’ve been wrong before), and I had high expectations.

This evening I had a phone call from the recruiter offering me that job – the one I interviewed for yesterday morning.

I start on Tuesday.

It’s a very good day rate

It’s very local (which is terrific, because I sold my car a few days ago to pay this month’s rent).

And it is a role that I am going to love doing.

So yay!

Go me!

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5 Responses to A job update – updated

  1. Bx. says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant news! *jumps up and down happy* Well done. xx

    • Author says:

      Thank you, gorgeous. I’m bouncing around the house like a kangaroo on speed. You have been amazing and very supportive. X

  2. S says:

    Bloody brilliant news!!! Congratulations!! xxx

  3. Heike says:

    Congrats! Really, really happy for you. Big hugs and smoochies :).

  4. Bx. says:

    All the best for today, will be thinking of you. xx

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