The same old, same old

Recruitment folk tell me I am currently in the running for three jobs.

What this means is that I’m actually no further forward in the hunt for employment, despite applying for 120 jobs in the last three working days.

I’ve run out of money.

I have applied for Housing Benefit, but I am not holding my breath.

I’m still not in receipt of any other kind of benefits.

I can’t pay the rent at the end of the month.

And I am unable to pay for the electricity, gas and water bills that are in the kitchen.

I should be going out of my mind with worry but, bizarrely, I’m not.

It’s as if I have breached my limits of caring about my own situation.

I still feel good.

In fact I feel excellent.

But I can’t see past next weekend.

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3 Responses to The same old, same old

  1. S says:

    Can you get a meeting with someone in the council to apply for an emergency grant? Would you consider another type of job (any job) just to tide you over? Any developments today? Thinking of you.

  2. Author says:

    Thank you.

    My best friend sent me a lot of information today. I’m following things up. I will add your words to the things to follow up.

    Almost 60 applications today. Five calls back. One telephone interview. Several promising prospects.

    I appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Bx. says:

    You have probably seen it but is a good site for seeing what help is around. x

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