A trick of the tail, a flick of the wrist

It’s been a fuck off sized day of muso stuff.

By the way, it’s Sunday, but only for the next 25 minutes.

I converted 556 tracks from vinyl to digital, and incorporated them in to my digital library (which now totals 7,500 tracks and a massive lump of diverse video projects).

I keep my digital library on a Raided NAS because I’ve had hardware failures (haven’t we all?), and my music library is precious to me.

In fact, the music segment of my digital library is so precious to me that I encode my music files in .FLAC format.

Obviously, I have to copy the .FLAC source files in to a listening directory and then convert them in to .mp3 format.

But that’s not geeky, is it?

I mean, you’d want to keep the audio files in a big, fat, high-quality, professional studio standard, wouldn’t you?


It was interesting, working through a fair segment of my vinyl library.

I didn’t realise I had so much Richard Ashcroft on vinyl.

Quite a lot of Basement Jaxx, though.

And there was a load of PJ Harvey, for some incomprehensible reason.

And Foals (yay!).

And a metric fuckton of Kings of Leon.

I’m quite embarrassed about all the PJ Harvey, to be honest.

I must have bought it to impress a girl, or something.

My excuse. Sticking to it.

So, speaking of girls.

Taylor Swift has *still* not called me.

This is totes fucking outrageous, obv.


She promised!

*time passes*

Sorry, I was bollocking my friend for still being up at this time of the night.

Don’t look at me like that!

At least I’m in bed.

She’s not.

I am listening to some of the 556 additions to my digital music library.

It’s been years since I’ve heard some of these tracks.

Others I haven’t heard before.

Albums are like that in my world.


Like this track ‘The First Day Of Spring’ by Noah And The Whale (no whale actually involved, it’s just a metaphysical construct to make the name of the band more intellectually engaging than just ‘Noah’).

I don’t think I’ve heard this album before, let alone this track.

It is, frankly, statuesque.

The track almost has the gravitas of something by The National (think up to the level of ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ and you’ll be in the right neighbourhood).

Fucking gorgeous track, ‘The First Day Of Spring’, 6′ 39″ of musical shivers.

Oh bollocks, I seem to be swearing quite a lot.


And no, I am not tipsy.

I am, however, giggling like a loon.

I have been reading the results in this week’s pocket poll.

The free-text answers to Question 10 are brilliant.

I’ve linked to the results.

See if you can spot my answer to Q10.

Anyway, that’s it.

I’m knackered and there are only five more minutes left until Sunday runs out of steam.

So goodnight.

You’re ace.

Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

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