No, you’re a little bit pissed

I have, this evening, been annoying the hell out of people. This evening might also mean ‘this morning’.

Skypechat saw quite a bit of action.

WhatsApp had heavy use.

SMS had medium traffic.

Twitter dealt with the remainder.


I didn’t get the Oxford contract that I interviewed for, this morning – well, yesterday morning now. I came 2nd out of five candidates.

Most of the rest of the irons continue to rest in the fire.

You’re all very lovely.

You’ve been so understanding, this evening.

There are several different strands to my life, right now, that aren’t terribly easy.

But the biggest, baddest, most not easy of them all is the one I can’t talk about.

And thanks for letting me not talk about it in such great detail.

Because sometimes being in love is not easy.

And I love her so much.

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