The scores on the doors at the end of this round are

Just in case you thought I’m sitting on my arse fannying around, here’s an update on (to use the jargon) the ‘jobs in play’.

This means roles where my application has passed the first hurdle, and I’ve made it on to the interview shortlist, though I’m waiting for the interview details.

The jobs are listed in no particular order:

Oxford (interviewed 31/5, came 2nd)
Abu Dhabi
Northampton (2)
London (6)
West Sussex (2)
Aberdeen (vacancy pulled from the market 30/5)

The rates range from a low of £200/day to a stupidly high of £750/day (tax free)

(ps: so far have applied for 53 jobs today)

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2 Responses to The scores on the doors at the end of this round are

  1. Bx. says:

    I hope you’ve had some good news from at least one of those now. x

  2. Author says:

    Not brilliant news. I had an interview today for the Oxford job. I was told that I ‘came a very strong second out of five candidates’, and apparently only got beaten because the other person had 5+ years more product knowledge than I do.

    Nothing else has materialised yet, sadly.

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